Eoghan Cowan
Eoghan Cowan



About Me

Professional, Versitile 2d Artist with a passion for art and design in the entertainment industry.

Iíve worked for a number of clients both in-house (AdultSwim, Salty dog Pictures) and freelance (Ubisoft, Square Enix, Romero Games)which required a wide range of skills and style changes.

Although I love all facets of art and design, my focus is on concept art and production art- be it in Games or Animation.

I am always striving to push myself to create fantasic art that reaches a wide audiance of people from around the globe.

My work has been featured on sites and in publications such as Kotaku.com, Artspire.com, Edge magazine and Imaginefx magazine.

E: eoghan783@hotmail.com
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